Thursday, May 28, 2015

What trading is really all about...

I found this on the internet, really nice reading, enjoy:

The Kirk Report
Trading is not about control. It is about going with the flow. Trading is not about knowing the future. It is about allowing the future to take place. Trading is observation, pure and experiential. Thinking isn’t necessary and just gets in the way. Trading is the glass half empty and the glass half full, alternating without rhyme or reason by the minute. Trading is total ruin and absolute reward; dual demons that lurk around ever corner. Trading is an alluring distraction from life or a life raft on the stormy search for self. Trading is strangers offering up their most precious ideas. Trading is the clueless trying to offer ideas to their friends. Trading is your best friend who steals your spouse and your house. Trading can send us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere we have never been. Trading is a blessing whose rules, if ignored, become a curse. Trading is taking a knife to a gunfight. Knives and guns leave traces of blood, but the logic of the market is the weapon that manages to destroy without leaving clues. The mountain of trading is in the mind as the lake is level. Trading is more about knowing when not to trade than it is about trading. Trading seeks equilibrium. Trading is learning a never ending balancing act on a tight wire above a movable abyss. Trading is timing. Waiting is painful. Pain brings wisdom. Wisdom brings balance. Trading can be excruciatingly exciting when done wrong and tauntingly tedious when done right. – 
Jeff Cooper

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Challenge update: Stage 4 complete

Stage 4 has been completed on Friday and now we're moving on to Stage 5 from Monday.

In just 3 and a half months I've taken a US$ 10,000 account to US$ 30,000 - next target: US$ 50,000.00, now trading 10 ES lots now (S&P500 e-minis).

- Have I made any 20 points trade?  - No!

- Have I made any 10 points trade?  - No!

My best trade was a +5 points on this run since the beginning, the great majority of my trades were +2 and +3 points only.

Our system yields a 70%+ winning ratio, all I have to do is to take all setups that fit my own trading style, when wrong, out, if right I'll try +2 or +3 points and wait for the next setup, that's all I do, day in, day out.

Have a great trading week everyone!