Saturday, January 30, 2016

Challenge update: 1st target achieved at US$ 12,000

After just 2 weeks we met the first target of the new challenge, from US$ 10,000 to US$ 20,000, at US$ 12,000.

It was not easy as we lost on the first day going into negative territory for 6 points or so, that's the most difficult time for most traders as we need to continue taking the good trades without skipping any good setup when psychological capital gets low, that's the real challenge, but regardless we continued taking the trades and made up losses closing the first week into positive field giving us the confidence we needed for the 2nd week which was also not easy but we made it happen!

Now we're ready to increase size on to the 2nd Stage of the challenge with the next target at US$ 15,000.

This time we will trade 3 lots so we need 20 points on full size to finish this new phase of the challenge and be able to move to the next and last one.

If you want to join us, no problem you missed the first stage as nothing changes, we will take all the good day trading setups we usually take, we're looking forward to the next week.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Challenge on ES begins on January, the 18th

Hi traders!

I'll start a new challenge on next Monday, the 18th, this time I intend to make it a bit shorter (and quicker, I hope), we'll trade an account live in our trading room from US$ 10,000 to 20,000 in just 3 stages (see below) while I teach new members our trading methodology, the Diamond Setups.

After having done this kind of challenge many times (this will be the 6th), I learned that the most difficult phase for most traders is the very beginning, to take an account from point A to point B is really hard if you don't have a plan with clear targets, a sound risk management and the right state of mind.

You need to use a set of rules if you really want to be successful in this business, a proven trading methodology that works week in, week out.

We have been using our methodology for more than 5 years now, it works like clockwork and I'm really happy and proud to be able to offer a high quality service to those who decide to join us.

Here are the steps we'll follow on our new challenge:

We will trade ES (S&P 500 e-minis), each point is worth US$ 50.00

1st Stage: from US$ 10,000 to 12,000

Trading size: 2 lots

Number of points necessary to meet first target: 20 points on full size.

Max estimated date to meet target: 02/18/2016

2nd Stage: from US$ 12,000 to 15,000

Trading size: 3 lots

Number of points necessary to meet first target: 20 points on full size.

Max estimated date to meet target: 03/18/2016

3rd Stage: from US$ 15,000 to 20,000

Trading size: 4 lots

Number of points necessary to meet first target: 25 points on full size.

Max estimated date to meet target: 04/18/2016


- In case we reach the 1st target at US$ 12,000 and it happens that we lose and go back to starting stage at US$ 10,000, then we'd decrease the size we trade back to the original 2 lots and start it all over again from the beginning (it has never happened until today in the previous 5 challenges).

- When we reach a target by Thursday we start the next new Stage on the following Monday.

If you want to join us and trade your own account while you learn our system:

Click here ==> Diamond Setups - The only edge you need

Even if you want to start with just US$ 5,000 you can too, the only difference is that your targets and sizes will be different.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” - Anthony Robbins

Friday, January 8, 2016

Challenge update: Final target achieved at US$ 50,000

We finally reached the main target at US$ 50,000, I started trading an account with just US$ 10,000, it has taken me less than 4 months to achieve the 6th and final stage of the challenge.

This is the 5th time I do this kind of challenge, I did learn several things that I'd never have thought of if I hadn't done that, one of the main things I learned was:

- The most difficult part when a trader starts a new account is the very beginning, because if he/she loses on the first 2 or 3 trades, the trader goes into negative territory, a situation that might make him/her start skipping the next trades, and that's where most fail, after getting stopped out on 1 or 2 trades they lose confidence and skip trades, exactly the ones that would be profitable, or they cut profits short to quickly go back to breakeven level.

On the other hand I realized that when the first 2 or 3 trades are winners traders are not afraid at all and and they take all good setups without hesitating, that state of mind makes all the difference, allowing them to move forward smoothly...

So, now that I know that, our next challenge will be: from US$ 10,000 to US$ 20,000 in just 3 stages, my focus will be to help you to stay the course at least until you reach a safe level in profits, stay tuned, more on that on the next post.