System with a +80% win rate

The Diamond Setups

When I started trading I struggled for years to find an edge that would give me confidence to pull the trigger and win consistently, until then I only suffered and lost money in the markets, wish I would have had someone who would have shown me the way, someone who would have given me at least a clue on what I should do so that I could at least survive in the markets...

It was thinking about that past time that I decided to disclose my best setups, setups I use each and every day which I call the "Diamond Setups". They are 10 setups that work above 70 80% of the time, I have found them by watching markets from open to close for many years, thousands of hours of screen time, and also by losing hundreds of thousands dollars.

So now I have created a brand new website where I explain step by step, giving detailed instructions on how I do each and every day to take only the highest odds trades, trades that work and will give you the necessary confidence you need to succeed in this business.

Besides explaining how the setups work and how to trade them, I'll give you access to my trading room where we will trade together so that you learn all that I know, where you'll be able to ask me any question live.

If you are a newbie in trading you'll be amazed by how simple trading can be, if you are an experienced trader but still can't make it, you'll have a system to follow that works.

Start using today @RenaTrader's Diamond Setups, just click the link below:

If you like my trading style, come and trade with me.

Happy trading!


Futures trading involves risks, which may include but are not limited to the possible loss of your entire account. or any affiliates do not claim or guarantee that the methods we teach will generate profits.  Results of trading activity are variable.  Performance history is not an indicator of future results.