Sunday, March 23, 2014

10 characteristics of the Diamond Setups System

I really enjoy teaching my trading methodology to other traders, besides learning a lot more about it myself, I get precious feedback which allowed me to greatly improve the system taking it to a whole new level in these almost 4 years that I have been sharing it.

Many traders ask me if I give trials, I don't, because once you have access to our website you'll see all the documentation on the 10 setups I use on a daily basis to be consistently profitable in the markets.

Below I outline some key charactesristics of the system so that you can know a bit more about it:

1 - The system is based on important levels that markets tend to respect most of the time, time x CLOSE always key in each different timeframe.

2 - Patterns repeat themselves over and over again, just the numbers change, we use that knowledge to profit.

3 - Risk management is key, traders must respect their accounts size, small losses DO NOT blow them up, learn how to lose properly and on the trades that you are profitable you make up those losses and much more.

4 - We DO NOT know what markets will do, we just react to what it has just done.

5 - We do the very same thing on a daily basis, when we start a trading day we look for the "key levels", take notes and watch what the market is going to do, when we see a good setup in play we take it without hesitation.

6 - If/when we do not see any setup in play, then there is nothing to do but watch.

7 - Traders can adapt the system to their own trading style, no matter whether they are scalpers, day or swing traders.

8 - We do anticipate trades based on the type of market we have at the moment, just as chess players anticipate their next move.

9 - We are able to eliminate most of the stress and emotions by following preset rules on each trade, we do not jump the gun and will only trade when the setup matches our own trading style and rules.

10 - We know anything can happen, we take all good setups and when a certain setup does not work as expected we have no problem at all in taking a small loss and immediately get ready for the next setup, we know the Diamond Setups work over 80% of the time so we keep our confidence on the system.

Take advantage of the knowledge I've accumulated in over 10 years of trading futures and Forex daily from open to close, over 15,000 hours of screen time and hundreds of thousands of dollars lost have allowed me to put this simple system together.

"Insanitydoing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

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