Saturday, December 30, 2017

Challenge #13 update: 1st target met at US$ 12,000

In just 3 weeks we met our first target from US$ 10,000 to US$ 12,000, a 20% profit using simple techniques that anyone can follow and become consistently profitable.

On to the 2nd target at US$ 15,000, trading 3 lots now. The only instrument we trade for the challenge is the ES (S&P 500 e-minis)

Trading isn't about predicting what happens next, it's about having a system with an edge.

After a hiatus of 1 year I will start teaching my methodology again in 2018.

The Diamond Setups trading system consists of 10 setups that yield 70%+ of winning trades in any instrument you decide to trade: futures, stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, you name it.

The methodology is a set of rules that if you follow with discipline you will without any doubt make money consistently, when you learn our trading system you will be able to spot correctly the "key levels" where market may turn, making you able to trade what you see, leaving no room for guesswork, allowing your mind to be in a free state, a must in our business.

I'll show you exactly how I do to find the levels we use in our trading room to consistently make money trading the ES, 1 to 1 in around 6 hours of classes at your convenience, after that time you will be able to join our group where I continuously show the trades while they happen in real time, where you can ask any questions about trading and our system.

What you can expect after you sign up to learn our methodology:

- Know exactly when and at what price to enter the market and the target for that trade
- Choose a trading style that best fits your personality: scalping, day or swing trading
- Know how to control risk according to your account size
- Never allow a big loss to happen by using STOP LOSS orders
- When to just watch the market waiting for a high odds setup
- How to increase the size you trade when reaching set targets

And many other small tricks I've learned in my 20 year journey in the markets, for a very honest fee: only US$ 575.00

When you sign up you also get:

- 1 to 1 trading of at least 6 hours at your convenience
- Flexible times for you to learn our methodology
- 30 days of free trading room access after you finish the 6 hour training
- Access to the Diamond Setups group where I show examples of trades on a daily basis in real time
- One year of access by email or messaging for you to ask me any questions on trading

Learn how to trade from someone who has been there, done that and loves to teach, many traders have done it and are really happy that they chose our trading system, take advantage of my 20,000+ screen time experience.

Learn more, click here ==> Diamond Setups

When the student is readythe teacher will appear

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