Friday, September 17, 2010

Starting a new blog

Hi folks!
Anyone who knows me for a longer period of time from Twitter as @RenaTrader knows that I also have a passion for diamonds (you can read how I started in that business and also in trading by clicking “About me” on the right side of the screen) and I also write a blog about diamonds in Portuguese, so I thought: why not write another blog on my passion for trading?
So that’s what I decided to do, my aim is to try to help people by writing about the difficult task of becoming a trader and how to overcome most problems traders face when in the initial phase of the learning curve, I really think the 3 first years are the toughest, although many traders are able to make it in less time, but it was not my case. I myself thought several times it was just impossible to be consistently profitable and thought about giving up many many times… So I hope I’ll be able to help not only the beginners but also the ones who have been struggling for some time already on this tough path to to go in order to become successful in the markets.
Just a quick note: If you’re looking for charts you will not find any here, I'm writing this blog in order to share market knowledge on  risk management, trader’s psychology, strategies  and also some funny stories.
Feel free to send me emails or leave comments, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Good luck and happy trading!

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