Friday, September 24, 2010

Trading from different parts of the world

One of the beauties of this business is being able to travel all around the world and still be at work...

I really like the idea of trading from different parts of the world for some time during the year, it clears my mind and helps me seeing the world from a new perspective and understand the different cultures.

I think one of the best parts of the world for the trader to spend a couple of months away from home is Europe due to the time zone there and good structure with fast Internet connections either by 3G or DSL and  they have such beautiful condos to rent in amazingly pleasant places for reasonable prices. If I had to choose one country to stay there I would choose either Spain, Italy, Greece or Portugal, and stay there from May to October, why?

Because besides having very beautiful beaches with wonderful sceneries, the temperatures are really pleasant, not to mention that the food in these countries are healthy and delicious IMO.

Once I spent 3 months in Spain, at the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, and it was just one of the best times of my life, I rented a beautiful villa with a breathtaking ocean view... The house was very comfortable with everything one needs to have a decent life, including cutlery, all the necessary appliances and nice modern furniture, all this for only 1,500 Euros per month. During those 3 months I traded so well, my account grew steadily each and every month, I felt like a million dollars!

If I wanted to trade London open I would start to work around 8 AM, but if I preferred to wait and only trade the NY open, then my day would start only after lunch, having a lazy relaxing morning and lunch... oh what a good life!

The small villages had so many different restaurants and most of them even offered a delivery service for those days when I didn't feel like stepping out, with a wide selection of good (and cheap) wine and fish, certainly a place to be...

Above, one of the many nice restaurants on the island, isn't it charming?

Already thinking about where to go next... suggestions anyone?

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