Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Challenge update: Phase 3 Complete

Once again we made it way ahead of planned date to meet target in December, thanks to the volatility on ESZ4 giving traders several chances to make it big every single day, but the truth is in the great majority of trades we made were not big winners, but several small winners.

We made over 100% in a little over 2 months as we started the challenge on August the 4th.

Here we go on Phase 4 now, trying to take the US$ 20,000 account to the next target at US$ 30,000 trading 6 contracts, *IF* we lose and go back to US$ 15,000 then we would decrease size back to 4 contracts, but we are looking forward to finish one more phase, moving closer to our main target.

We don't know where market will turn, but we do know the "key levels" where it might, on most of the time we are right.

I'll keep you updated, best of luck.

"Don't ever quit. Success seems to be connected with action, successful people keep moving, they make mistakes but they don't quit."  Conrad Hilton