Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Final target met at US$ 20,000 - Challenge #7 starts on Monday, Feb, the 29th

After just a little over than a month our final target has been met at US$ 20,000 from US$ 10,000, it was much faster than expected due to high volatility allowing us some good catches.

One thing we never did during the 6th Challenge was to take a big drawdown or even a big risk, the max risk we take when trading ES (S&P 500 e-minis) never exceeds 6 points, but mostly from 2 to 4 points.

On Monday, February the 29th we start a brand new challenge, again we will try to take an account from US$ 10,000 to US$ 20,000 in 3 stages:

1st target: US$ 12,000, then we increase size to 3 lots - max date for target: 03/31/16

2nd target: US$ 15,000, increase size to 4 lots - max date for target: 05/02/16

3rd target: US$ 20,000 - max date for target: 06/02/16

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Our trading room is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:15 PM EST - I show on the charts exactly what we're looking at to take our trades.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Challenge update: 2nd target met at US$ 15,000

Lightning fast! After less than 4 weeks from the start we met our 2nd target on the Challenge at US$ 15,000, so now, on Tuesday, we start our way to the final target at US$ 20,000. I expect this target to be met next week as we are already close to it after breaking the US$ 15k barrier.

Our trading system gives signals on several different possible trades, depending on each traders' own trading style.

In our trading room I show trades for scalping, day and swing trading, so traders will take trades that fit their own way of trading.

As you probably may already know our main instrument for day trading is the ES (S&P 500 e-minis), one of the strategies we use is called "HT", that strategy consists on taking several trades a day in every possible swing, it's a scalping strategy, when on counter trend on the day, we try to make 4 points or better on each trade but when the trade is in favor of the current trend then we can trail the trade for bigger targets of 10 points or better. This single strategy has made 100+ points in each week on the last 2 weeks!

More than 200 points were possible in just 2 weeks due to high volatility in the markets, allowing traders to make 10+ point trades several times, if you're not familiar with ES, it yields US$ 50.00/point per contract, so for just 1 contract a trader could have made more than US$ 10,000 in just 2 weeks, the best part of this strategy is that the risk is never bigger than just 3 pointsm usually 2 points will be enough, and as a real "Diamond Setup", it wins on 70%+ of the trades taken.

If you still don't use a system with clear rules to trade, join us, our methodology is really easy to learn and use, it'll take you 1 or 2 weeks to learn all the concepts and rules, get rid of unnecessary stress and frustration, join us today!

I will NOT teach you technical analysis, I will show you how I do to make money consistently.

I show exactly what I'm looking at on the charts to take the trades we take.

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