Monday, April 20, 2015

Challenge update: Stage 3 done, next target US$ 30,000

Hi again folks!

We've finally achieved the target on Stage 3 at US$ 20,000, now we're moving on to the next target at US$ 30,000.

The deadline was on May, the 20th but we made it in a little more than a month, 32 calendar days, to be exact...

Stage 4 begins at US$ 20,426.90 and the deadline will be in 3 months, we will trade 6 lots.

As usual, I expect to reach that target way before the deadline, we're very confident our system will continue to work as it has done in the last 5 years or so...

One of the main secrets to success is, besides having a system that works, that is, an edge, it's to have a "free state of mind", you don't HAVE TO do anything, you will just trade whatever setup you see, *IF* it works you take profits, if you get stopped out, then you'll wait for the next setup and when it shows up, you will take it without hesitation.

In case you haven't read the post on the beginning of the Challenge, click on the link below:

Challenge: From US$ 10k to US$ 100k

Best of luck!

"Either I'll find a way or I'll make one." - Philip Sidney