Sunday, September 27, 2015

Challenge update: 2nd Stage done in less than 2 weeks

Another amazing trading week, crazy volatility!

That volatility and wider intraday ranges have made it possible for us to take as many as 22 trades on ES (S&P 500 e-minis), an average of 4+ trades a day, having 17 of them been winners, making us reach our 2nd target at US$ 15,000 by Wednesday, we finished the week close to reaching the 3rd target at US$ 20,000 already, we might reach it this coming week, less than 10 ES points left to complete.

I certainly never expected targets to have been met so soon, but when Mr. Market is willing to give us $ we take it, when it doesn't, we respect it and move slower, more defending than attacking.

So now we're heading to Stage 3 - from US$ 15,000 to US$ 20,000, trading 4 lots.

We follow the rules religiously, if we lost and went back down to US$ 12,000 then would go back in size to 3 lots, but losing streaks are something really rare to happen to those who use our system properly, we always wait for the good setups (those that have good odds of working) and never over trade, we know patience is a must if we want to be successful in our business.

If you still don't have a trading system that works consistently, join us, usually it takes one or two weeks for new traders to learn to trade using our system, it's really easy to learn and simple to use.

The signals to buy/short always come AHEAD of prices having reached entry levels, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Best of luck!

Diamond Setups -

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Challenge update: 1st target met at US$ 12k - On to 2nd Stage

And once again we made it to our first target, this time in just one week, this is the best result since we started with the challenges, the first week had always been one of the most difficult, not the case this week due to volatility, although we never took any trade to make more than 6 points.

Now we head on to the 2nd Stage's target at US$ 15,000, we now increase the size we trade to 3 contracts and in case we lose and go back to US$ 10,000, we would go back to the previous size of only 2 contracts so that we'd keep a strict risk control.

We are really excited to be trading a consistently profitable system, one that is easy to learn and use, after having been teaching it for nearly 5 years, I have no doubt anyone can do it, if you want to join us this week just click the link below and sign up.

Diamond Setups -

Have a great trading week, all the best.

Monday, September 7, 2015

New challenge: from US$ 10k to 50k trading the ES - Starts on Monday, the 14th

The challenge started in February is finished, we have met the target from US$ 10k to 100k in just a little over than 7 months, the whole challenge has taken us 29 weeks to complete, it's interesting to note that the stage that took longest was from US$ 30k to 50k, it took 9 weeks to complete and the shortest from US$ 60k to 100k, which was done in just 4 weeks, but that was due the power of compounding profits + high volatility in the markets that allowed us to fetch bigger profits.

See break down of time elapsed to reach targets below:

1st Stage: 5 weeks (trading 2 lots)
2nd Stage: 2 weeks (trading 3 lots)
 3rd Stage: 5 weeks (trading 4 lots)
4th Stage:  4 weeks (trading 6 lots)
5th Stage: 9 weeks (trading 10 lots)
6th Stage: 2 weeks (trading 15 lots)
7th Stage: 2 weeks (trading 20 lots)

Now we have set a date to start a new challenge: September, the 14th, Monday.

This time we will try to take a US$ 10,000.00 account in real time, live in our trading room to US$ 50,000.00

See below the rules we use in the new challenge and the targets for each stage.

Every time we accomplish a new target we increase the size we trade, in case we go back in size to the previous level then we decrease the size back to previous size as well so that we do not break the risk management rules.

Instrument we trade: ES (S&P 500 e-minis, US$ 50.00 per point/lot)

Stage 1 starts with: US$ 10,000 (done)
Trade size: 2 lots
Target in US$: 12,000 – In ES points: 20
Max expected Time to reach target: 1-2 months Target met in just 1 week on 09/18/15

Stage 2 starts with: US$ 12,000 (done)
Trade size: 3 lots
Target in US$: 15,000 – In ES points: 20
Max expected Time to reach target: 1-2 months Target met on 09/23/15

Stage 3 starts with: US$ 15,000 <== Stage in play now
Trade size: 4 lots
Target in US$: 20,000 – In ES points: 25
Max expected Time to reach target: 1-2 months Target met on 10/30/15

Stage 4 starts with: US$ 20,000
Trade size: 6 lots
Target in US$: 30,000 – In ES points: 35
Max expected Time to reach target: 2-3 months

Stage 5 starts with: US$ 30,000
Trade size: 10 lots
Target in US$: 40,000 – In ES points: 20
Max expected Time to reach target: 1-2 months

Stage 6 starts with: US$ 40,000
Trade size: 12 lots
Target in US$: 50,000 – In ES points: 17
Max expected Time to reach target: 1-2 months