Saturday, September 9, 2017

Challenge #11 update - Patience and Discipline

After exactly 4 months we are almost there, less than one point away from our 100% target, probably done on Monday, once again from US$ 10,000 to 20,000, it was not easy but we've made it once again.

I always say that luck is also a part of the game, in our system losing streaks do happen every 3 to 5 months, so we expect it to happen at least once during a challenge...

- But what has luck to do with it?

In our challenge trading the ES (S&P500 e-mini futures) we have 3 different stages: Stage 1 goes from US$ 10k to 12k, we start trading with 2 lots, when we reach 12k we increase the size we trade from 2 to 3 lots, the idea is to take a little more risk for faster returns, in case we lose and go back to US$ 10k (or close to it), we'd go back to stage 1 and would start it all over again from 2 lots.

When we reach Stage 3 at US$ 15k (50% profit) we increase size to 4 lots, the max STOP we use is 2.75 points, so if we get stopped out on full size on Stage 3 that's a US$ 550.00 loss, and that's where luck steps in.

It wouldn't be very lucky if the losing streak happens right at this moment, not good to take 5 losses of that size in a row at the beginning of Stage 3, and in this challenge, the 11th, that's exactly what happened! (losing streaks usually gives 5 to 7 losses in a row) Right after we reached Stage 3 - boom! Losing streak... making us go all the way back to Stage 1 around US$ 11,000! So it required lots of patience to go through Stages 1 and 2 once more to be able to reach Stage 3 and then our 100% profit target.

I think patience and discipline are two of the most important characteristics of a profitable trader, I always tell my fellow traders in our trading room that we don't need to be perfect to win consistently, many newbies think they can only make money if their entry is perfect, if they enter a trade and the market goes against them 1 or 2 points fear of losing could make them give up on that trade at breakeven only to see the market perfectly hit our targets...

Another great enemy of a trader is to be in a hurry to reach their targets, big mistake, the main thing is to be consistently profitable, even if slowly, and increase the size you trade as your account grows and don't take profits for your expenses until you're big enough so that the monthly profits will be much bigger than your monthly expenses.

I also make many mistakes in my trading, but there is one mistake I NEVER make, that is: to take a BIG LOSS, never let that happen to you! Make sure you use STOP orders, if hit, wait for the next trade.

If you want to join us on our next Challenge (#12) you will be welcome:

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Best of luck!