Saturday, September 3, 2016

Challenge #9 update: 2nd target reached, +50% in less than 2 months

Yes! We made it once again. Trading ES (S&P 500 futures e-minis) very conservatively due to the tight market we experienced during August summer trading when we had several days of 10 points or less ranges in regular trading hours.

From US$ 10,000 on July, 11th to US$ 15,000+ on September the 1st, next target: US$ 20,000, now we will be trading with 4 lots.

It was a trading period when we had to be really patient, on many days we had only 1 single trade, and even days of no trade at all, just watching, it was really difficult, mainly for those who think they need to pull the trigger everyday to be profitable, they want to to be in on every point the market moves, no need for that, we only trade when we see a good probability of making money, we don't want to just trade, we want to take trades that will yield a minimum of 4 full points or more.

We know that if we follow our system rules and only take the qualified setups, we have no doubt that 70-80% of the trades will work, allowing us to slowly increase the size we trade, pushing us higher and higher on each week/month.

And now that summer trading is done, let the volatility explode making it possible for us to take more trades and make more $$$$ on a daily basis.

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