Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Challenge #7 done - target met at US$ 20,000 - new challenge starts on April, the 25th

After 7 weeks and two days we met the final target at US$ 20,000 from US$ 10,000 - ready to start the next challenge on Monday the 25th, we'll try once again to achieve 100% profit in 2 months or less trading ES (S&P 500 e-minis), without ever taking big risks, don't misunderstand, risk management is key in our system.

Every time we finish a challenge, besides the monetary reward, we feel proud of ourselves for having had the courage to do what was necessary without fear or hesitation, taking the trades when it was very scary to take them, because the smaller the account is, the bigger the fear is.

If you want to join us on the next challenge click here: Diamond Setups

Doubts? Questions about the system or anything? Send me email:  renatrader@diamondsetups.com

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